New Year and Philippine Waterfalls

It might be too late to greet everyone a “Happy New Year”, but hey a happy new year to you! 🙂 How was your new year? Mine was pretty uneventful. I spent it in my hometown in Bicol, waited for the clock to strike 12 on the the 31st of December, then I slept. Even my blog was uneventful. For the first time, I did not write a year-end post.

Anyway, to start this blog’s year and to lessen my travel diary backlogs, I thought of sharing some of the waterfalls I’ve been to in the Philippines. The Philippines is not only blessed with beautiful beaches but with bodies of freshwater such as lakes, waterfalls and rivers. It’s a good  idea to check these out and include them in your must-visit list this 2016:

  1. Hagimit Falls 
Gentle slopes

Hagimit Falls

Hagitmit Falls is found in the island of Samal in Davao del Norte. One interesting feature of this body of water is that it actually a series of falls. The falls above is just one of the more gently sloping falls. The one below is more “rugged”.

Lovely sight.

Lovely sight.

2. Kabigan Falls 

Kabigan Falls is found in the province of Ilocos Norte in northern Philippines. It’s usually included in a standard Ilocos tour package. Be prepared to walk if plan to you visit because you have to trek for an hour to be able to reach the falls. The path is a breeze though because you pass by small streams and rice fields.


Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte.

3. Diguisit Falls 

It’s easy to reach Diguisit Falls. Once you reach the town of Baler, Aurora, flag a tricycle then ask the driver to take you to Diguisit Falls. It’s just stone-throw away from the National Highway. Cool, huh?

It's not everyone you find a falls beside a road!

It’s not everyone you find a falls beside a road!

4. Nagkakalit-kalit Falls

Nagkaka-kalit Falls is located in the town of El Nido, Palawan. This is not part of the the usual El Nido standard tour packages so my friends and I hired  a tricycle to take us to this place. The falls is also situated in a private porperty. From the house of the owner, the falls is still a 45-minute walk. I heard during the rainy season, the falls is even more impressive.

Do not visit on a dry season!

Do not visit on a dry season!

5. Cambugahay Falls

One of the reasons I love Siquijor is Cambugahay Falls: secluded, clean, mystical. It’s also a series of falls like Hagimit but Cambugahay is lot more undeveloped.

Simply lovely!

Simply lovely

6. Bolinao Falls 

There are two falls in Bolinao. I  am not even sure if  it was Bolinao Falls 1 or 2 we went to. Try not going there on a summer as there can be a lot of people.

Not my kind of crowd.

Not my kind of crowd.

7. Tuasan Falls 

Tuasan Falls.

Tuasan Falls.

Tuasan falls, just like the rest of Camiguin is beautiful. It’s also perfect for people like  me who can’t swim because the area where the water falls is not that deep.

8. Ditumabo Falls 

Ditumabo falls, located in Baler, Aurora, is by far my favorite of all the falls I’ve been too. It’s thundering, refreshing and  cold especially in January to February. Be prepared to walk for 1 hour and face boulders and rushing rivers because the path going there is not an easy one.

Ditumabo falls.

Ditumabo falls.

Considering  there are 7,107 island in in the Philippines, I would not be surprised if there are more than a hundred waterfalls in this country. Eight (8) is not a even a quarter of that and these do not even represent the best we have! It would be great to opportunity to scour waterfalls in the rest of country too!

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