A Thoughtful Paper turned 5 today and WordPress was kind enough to remind me!

Achievement unlocked!

Achievement unlocked!

So, it’s been five years of blogging at WordPress and eight years of blogging for me! Hurray! It’s been difficult to sustain this  blog particularly with all the activities for school and work. But blogging has been a very good way for me to de-stress and there isn’t a better way to document all my experiences! I didn’t intend for A Thoughtful Paper to be a travel blog and I still don’t intend to. But since travel occupies a third of my life today, the blog sort of turned into my travel diary.

Blogging at WordPress has been and is still a good experience. I get to meet a lot of people though  admittedly, I am guilty of not visiting my followers’ blogs as often as they visit mine. But thank you my dear readers and friends for constantly dropping by and for leaving comments. I may not voice out  my appreciation as often as I should but you guys make blogging a lot more fun and insightful.

I look forward to more years of blogging, sharing experiences and meaningful discussions!


9 thoughts on “Five!

  1. Congratulations on 5 years on WordPress. An eight years of blogging. What an achievement, I wished I had discovered you a long time ago 😀 I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos, bringing the world to us readers. And you always come across as a happy blogger, so thank you for sharing happiness here. Here’s to many more blogging years ahead 🙂

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