I Fell in Love with Autumn

Months ago, I bought a plane ticket to Seoul, South Korea to satisfy my wonder of what it feels to walk and live in the place whose culture I am so fascinated with.  Little did I know that beyond quenching my wonders, I would also fall in love…. with a season.

The beautiful trees in Changdeokgung Palace.

The beautiful trees in Changdeokgung Palace.

It was my first time to see autumn, and boy, it was love at first sight. It was such a surreal experience for someone from a tropical country to witness the changing of seasons.

The Deoksugung Palace Wall.

The Deoksugung Palace Wall.

The best displays of autumn foliage were on the countryside, particularly Nami Island and the area around Petite France. Nami Island is hands down a beautiful, beautiful place.

It wasn’t even the peak of autumn yet, yet the countryside was already so beautiful. How magnificent would these places be at the peak of autumn?


Seoul has its own share of beautiful colors. The trees near the N’Seoul tower were already in their golden glory.

Love the contrast!

Love the contrast!

The Olympic Park was also a sight to behold.


Beautiful flowers!



It’s been two weeks since i came back yet I have not fully recovered from the happiness I felt upon seeing and experiencing autumn. It’s safe to say, I really, sadly, and madly left my heart in Seoul. I would love to go back sometime in the near future. 🙂

12 thoughts on “I Fell in Love with Autumn

  1. Hi. pwede malaman kelan ka po nagpunta sa korea? balak ko kasi magpunta mid october. marami na kaya akong makikitang puno na nagpalit na ng kulay ng dahon? tulad ng mga nakita mo. salamat.

  2. Stunning photos. What vivid colours, the scenes all look like a place out of a magic world. It’s like someone dropped colourful buckets of paint all over the place 🙂 I hope it wasn’t too cold there. Good that it was dry too and not raining – you have all these beautiful photos to share with us 🙂

    • It was already cold during the evening, well at least for me. Haha! Temp ranged from 9 to 11 deg C in the evening! Brrrr. What you said so true! I love the splash of colors. I love love Autumn! I was so sad when it was time to go home. 😦

      • That is cold! My nose turns red when I’m outside and the temperature is below 15’C! “splash of colours”. Love that phrase, haven’t heard that one in a while 🙂 Oh no, you’re sad and want to go back. I hope you get the chance to go back someday, you never know 🙂

  3. autumn is such a lovely season. it’s my favorite as well, aside from summer, of course. (summer being a respite when the cold gets on my tropical nerves.)

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