Philippines: In Textures

The Philippines is such a good subject for photography. One can get every imaginable texture because we have every landscape imaginable…volcanoes, waterfalls, limestone cliffs, etc. Who knows there is also a distinct advantage in being located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and in being in the path of typhoons? The only thing we probably don’t have is glaciers because obviously we are a tropical country. Here are some interesting “textures” I have come across for the past 2.5 years since I have started exploring the Philippines:

(Clockwise from L: (1) The rocky beach in Diguisit, Baler, (2) rocky cliff in Caramoan, Camrines Sur, (3) smooth limestone structure in Kapurpurawan, Ilocos Norte, and (4) punctured cliffs in Talicud Island, Samal.


More take on Texture at Daily Post.

4 thoughts on “Philippines: In Textures

  1. So beautiful. I like the 2nd photo the best. The sun looks very strong but it seems that the rock cliffs are strong too, lots of shelter and shadows. It looks like the Philippines has sunny weather and clear skies some times of the year? As a tropical country, I would’ve thought that there would be clouds in the sky most days of the year 🙂

    • We have clear and very blue skies most time of the year. Rainy/typhoon months are around June to October. But even then when the whether is good, our skies are still so blue. 🙂 so yep… It’s like summer year round.

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