A old Spanish lighthouse overlooking the Guimaras strait:


This is considered to be the 2nd oldest lighthouse in the Philippines. Basing on its appearance alone, it might have stood witness to thousand of stories, and survived several weather disturbances.


It saddens me that since the lighthouse is made of metal… it will surely rot with time. One day, Guimaras will just wake up realizing the their lighthouse has already been a part of history.

More “Relics” at Daily Post.


5 thoughts on “Relic

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  2. Lovely two photos of the lighthouse. Old as they are, and they stick out like sore thumbs beside the fresh seas. You’re right, too bad it’s made of metal. One day it will topple over and that will be it for it, sadly. You never know when it will fall down…yet you were so brave to have stood quite close to it and take a photo 😀

    • I didn’t even thought it might topple when I was taking pictures of it. I just realized now how dangerous the situation was when you mentioned it! 😀

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