Extra, Extra

I already talked about my adventures in the Ilocos provinces in previous posts. I haven’t come to sharing about Kapurpurawan Rock Formations yet though I will do so in my next travel post… hopefully. The way to the rock formations are surrounded by shallow bodies of water. I don’t know how they come about but they form some of the most beautiful natural attractions I have seen in the Philippines.

Unforgivable Extra!

Unforgivable Extra!

As seen in photo above, the scenery provide such an amazing backdrop.  I have one qualm though…the locals decided to put a stature/monument of a crocodile! When I saw it, I almost shouted, “WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYY?”. I think the status is totally and unnecessary and just destroys the whole  feel of the place. Sorry Ilocos Norte government. I just feel that some natural attractions are better off untouched.

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  2. You’re right. Those rock formations are one of a kind. I bet you can have lots of fun there, hopping from one rock to another like a frog. It looks very hot there. Is it hot in the Philippines?

    • It was hot when we were because it was nearly lunch time! So probably around 30-32 C. Weather in the Philippines are not too extreme. Peaks around 34 C summer (April-May) then reaches minimum of 18-20 during January. 🙂

      • Ah, 34’C is not that hot actually, at least for me and I find that temperature very pleasant 😀 I would love to visit Philippines because of the weather. I bet I can wear T-shirts and shorts all day walking around looking at your beautiful scenary 🙂

        • Oh.. Here 34 actually feels 36 so it’s a lot hotter than what the thermometer says! But it’s easily solved by a glass of mango shake or a cup of ice cream. 🙂 It would be so great if you could visit Philippines! Traveling here is actually cheap and easy. I, for one, have a 5000 pesos or roughly 116 US$ rule every time I travel. 😉 A local budget Airline recently launched direct flights to Sydney. Hopefully, I also get to visit Australia in the near future! Your country holds some of the oldest landforms on earth. 🙂

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