Recalling Laiya

One year in the making yet I haven’t still talked about our office’s team building last year. It  was a two-day activity  held in Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. I could barely remember what happened except for the fact that our team won the games! Ha!

Blue Coral's beach front.

Blue Coral’s beach front.


Having a pool works to the resort's advantage.

Having a pool works to the resort’s advantage.

Day 1 of our team building is often reserved for the games and it was no different last year. The staff were divided into four teams.  Our theme last year was “Pirates”, so this how we looked like:



The games were chaotic and fun as always. People were so competitive but that’s were half of the fun came from!




 At the end of Day 1, we held a program to honor some staff as well as awards the team who won during the afternoon games.

No. 1. :)

No. 1. 🙂

We had the entire Day 2 to ourselves so we just enjoyed the beach and the pools. Staying true to my habit, I woke up very early to catch a glimpse of the Laiya sunrise.



A not so perfect panorama shot of the beach.

A not so perfect panorama shot of the beach.

 We’ll be having our annual team building in two weeks time. I wonder what’s waiting in store for me and for my officemates. I look forward to this annual activity because it takes away some f the work-related stress. At the same time, I get to appreciate the wonderful beaches Philippines has to offer. Shooting two birds with one stone it is! 🙂

Credits to our office for the some of the pics. 

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