Public Enemy No. 1

I probably earned another enemy today. Earlier, I could not pass in a narrow sidewalk because 4-5 people were bolted in place talking loudly about a dog. So, I told one of the girls, “Excuse me, can I pass?”.

The girl turned around and stared rudely at me. Perhaps she was thinking who the hell I am to demand that from her. It took 10 tons of my patience to prevent myself to from further saying, “Excuse me. You don’t own the sidewalk so don’t block the passageway.”

To stress my point, I also stared. I flashed my signature killer stare until she moved out of the way. There goes my enemy.  On the brighter side, she didn’t know my name and I do not know her name either.  My encounter with her earlier will probably be our first and last cold war. However, she could morph…into another human being, into another public place hoarder.  I guess my unnamed enemy list could go still become longer.

I can also add to the list to that list the taxi driver who I stared at  while I waved the “hand stop” signal   because he refused to slow down while I was crossing in the pedestrian lane. And oh, I almost forgot the motorcycle driver who asked me to move out of the sidewalk  because he was passing by. Being the rude person that I am, I replied, “Why should I move when it’s people who should be using sidewalks?”.

Call me public enemy number 1.  Call me impatient.  I stare and even reply back to exaggerate my point.  But can one call my actions irrational or immature?

Be the judge.

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