2013: I am not a Superhuman

I usually scourge my folders for the pics that best represent my year. I decided to skip my  habit this year because: (1 ) I was sick for the past three days, (2) I have another exam due by the end of the week, and (3) I have mixed feelings about how my year went by.

2013 was still  a decent year for me but full of toxicity. I finally enrolled in graduate school and I am now my second semester. Work is also getting more hectic more than ever. The higher-ups seems to be happy with what we are doing so our budget and workload has almost doubled lately! I think the load from school and work is finally taking its toll on me. I am sick more than usual and I often suffer from tensional migraine.

I ask myself now whether I was ready for this kind of pressure when I started grad school. Looking back at how I handled things, I guess I was not. I tried to do everything at once…school, work, traveling, my other interests. I failed to prioritize. By the end of the year, I was pretty much dissatisfied with everything I did. My school performance were okay but so so. I had lot of backlogs at work. My travel posts are so delayed, etc. etc.

I will end 2013 with a note to myself that I am not superhuman. I cannot do everything I want to do just because I want to. I made certain choices, therefore, I should face them with better conviction and sense of responsibility even it means letting go of certain things. And finally, I now literally feel what ‘aging’ means, so I guess health is now an unavoidable priority.

2014 will be here in a few hours.  I am still so uncertain how to proceed. But as they say, BRING IT ON!

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