Carefree Once

I love traveling because it’s one of the few circumstances that I can let go of work and studies and be reminded of what it feels to be a like a child and express pure admiration at new discoveries. The Ilocos trip last week provided such a good refresher and the experiences I brought would probably leave me pumped for the rest of the year. I took a lot pictures but one that properly reminds me of the very  essence of being carefree is this kid that I encountered in the cave we visited:


 Two ladies asked this kid to take pictures of them. When he was positioned at this side of the cliff, he missed a step and went out of balance. I was so scared for him but he just laughed out loud and then assumed a serious look and proceeded to take pictures of his subject.

I missed such kind of carefree-“ness (if ever such word exists)–the kind where I can confidently say, “Bahala na.” or “I’ll leave it to fate”.  I guess this is another reason I like to travel. I am allowed to get lost. I can admit that I do not know something. I take the wrong step without worrying a lot will be affected. I am allowed to be human and be child-like… something I am feeling less and less in my current environment.

I was also carefree… once and sometimes it’s really tiring to  act like an adult or be the adult.

This post is my entry to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Carefree.

4 thoughts on “Carefree Once

  1. Beautiful life reflections. Alam yung kanta ng Bamboo na “Alpha Beta Omega”? The first line says, “Search and you’ll define…”. It’s so true when you get out. There’s a ton of possibility of finding yourself, or something, in the most unexpected ways.

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