A Masterpiece

I contemplated on whether I should climb that 500+ steps to the top of a hill. It was steep and from the start I already guessed I was going to have a hard time. They say something brilliant was waiting for me at the top. So I went but  almost died from the climb. Yet after that calvary… this welcomed me:


This small church and magnificent tree was perched at the top and promised solace to anyone who dared to climb. On their own, these two were not exceptional. However, just thinking how the builders of this church carried the construction materials all the way up, and how this tree found its way here, I must say there they are unexpected masterpieces. When I stood by  the tree and turned, I saw another masterpiece which I know man can’t imitate in any way… this:


The world is so full of wonderful masterpieces, right? 🙂

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14 thoughts on “A Masterpiece

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