Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

The challenge this week provides such a great opportunity to “bring me back to the past” moments… very similar to the ‘throwback Thursday’ and ‘flashback Friday’ trends we observe in social media platforms these days. The pictures I am sharing this week are taken on the road while on my back to Manila from Subic. Here’s a glimpse to the rice fields of Pampanga and Bataan:



Rice fields make me miss my childhood days so much. As a kid,  I and my brother would often accompany our grandmother during lunchtime when she would bring food to the workers. Our rice fields were just located about two kilometers from our house, so it was just an easy walk. Because we grew up in this setting, we became familiar with the different methods of planting rice, as well as the processes (harvesting, etc) that come after. We also did strip cropping in some of our land so I have experienced planting and harvesting plants of all sort from tomatoes, corn, peanut, water cress, calamansi, rice, mung bean, etc. Oh.. how I miss the simple yet efficient rural lifestyle. Such a contrasting difference to the hectic yet stagnant life here in the big city.

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