School Girl

Back in my college days in UP, when a classmate or a friend labels you jokingly as a “school girl”, it means that you were too focused on your studies that you almost don’t have a social life anymore. I had been called as such several times primarily because even though I was active in dormitory activities, I didn’t have any organizations. During my free time I was either found in the library or the dormitory.

 I felt sad when I was called as such back then because I thought being focused on my studies was actually never a negative thing. Also, I had my reasons for not joining any campus organizations. I was a working student and just balancing work and studies was already difficult.

 Four years have passed since I graduated and just a few days ago an officemate said I am going to be a school girl again. However, this time it’s on a different note because it literally means I am going back to school. The situation then and now still mirrors each other because I am still going to be a working student. The only difference is I used to have classes at day time and I worked during night time. Now, I have work during daytime and I will have classes at night time.

 The orientation program for graduate students will be on Saturday. Honestly, I more afraid than excited. Afraid… because this time I am taking courses through distance learning. Afraid… because I have no idea who will be my classmates and whether I will ever have the chance to meet them, Afraid…because it’s been such a long time since I have stepped in a classroom may it be a physical or virtual one.

 Worries aside, I am happy to be called a school girl again. It signifies a goal which turned into a reality and now another phase in my life that I have to tackle. There will be a lot balancing that I have to make but since I was able to do it before, I am hoping I can do it again.

 Starting next week, I will probably be busier than ever. I can’t promise that I will be able to update my blog weekly but I will try. And hopefully, every now and then I also get to share my new experiences as a  graduate student of International Health.

 Wish me luck! =)

12 thoughts on “School Girl

    • I truly understand your concern. I think even when I a similar situation, I would also have a hard time deciding considering I have a family to support as well. Hopefully, that time when I am forced to decide will not come, if not I will not be presented with such an extreme case as Kate Winslet’s. Thank you for the insightful discussion!

  1. Wow. My mod has the same concern when I said I wanted to take up Bio for an undergrad course. I eventually ended taking Chem but she would still freak out when I tell her all the chemicals I handle. But I guess life’s like that. Regardless of the field we chose, we will eventually face a situation that can put our life at risk. The questions now is whether we are still willing to take a particular path despite knowing that someone the price we could pay is steep. 🙂

  2. Hi! It’s been a long time since I dropped by to comment. I was kinda lost for a while, 😀

    I agree with you, being a school girl is not really a negative thing. I actually admire you for being able to focus on your goal in college which is to study and finish on time. And you have work. Working and studying at the same time is hard to do, especially with our course demanding so much of our attention. As for Graduate school, good luck and God Bless! I’m sure you’ll do great. 🙂
    I was wondering, what do you mean by virtual? Are you taking online classes? Like UPOU? I was thinking of Graduate school too, but before that, have to finish my undergrad first. 😀

  3. Hi Milaiski, MA. in International Health sounds great. I almost took up that course but changed my mind when I saw that film CONTAGION, starring Kate Winslet et al. It scared me and I freaked out. Now I’ve changed career to education, I just finished PTC in UPOU. Distance education is challenging indeed. Success to you.

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