Notes from the Universe

A few weeks ago I signed up for TUT’s Notes from the Universe. Everyday, the site would email me  a few quotes or  notes which are more often than not profound and hits me in the heart. Though I already know that TUT forwards the same notes to everyone who is subscribed in the program, it still amazes me how most of the quotes and advice they send appropriately describes my situation or dilemmas.

Let me share to you one note which greatly helped me a lot in the past weeks when I have repeatedly questioned the purpose of the things I am doing and why I even bother to do them even if the outcomes or situations do not favor me:

It’s all self-service, Melissa.

The magic works through you, not for you. 

Now helping 7 billion help themselves,
    -The Universe


Just order and show up, Melissa. If it’s not there when you show up, keep showing up until it is.

Fascinating message, isn’t it? To me, it serves as a reminder that being involved in something doesn’t always have to mean that it should benefit us. We can actually do things just because we can and not because we have any other intentions. These quotes also applies to situations where we feel we have done our part in a change we want to happen, but on a macro scale everything still stays the same.  We should not fret because as TUT say, “ If it’s not there when you show up, keep showing up until it is.”

Small, honest, and thoughtful actions are often disregarded if not, forgotten. However, I believe if they are done  conscientiously and continuously, they will eventually add up to something bigger and maybe even life changing. Someday when we finally see that bigger goal that we’ve been eyeing, we can congratulate ourselves because our actions are among those  that initiated the results.

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