Staring is not a Norm

One of the double-edged characteristic of humankind is our natural tendency to be curious. We have this urge to know what’s happening with whom, why a certain someone did this etc Nothing is wrong with that but we must recognize the limit as to when we can poke our noses into other people’s business.

 One of the most blatant examples of this habit is staring. In fact, I find staring to be the worst kind. Because it involves no words, the meaning can range from admiration, simple curiosity, jealousy, and even hatred. No matter what the reason is, staring is plainly rude and counts as intrusion of someone’s privacy.

 Just yesterday, while in the jeepney, the person in front of me is peeking at his seatmate’s phone. And earlier, I found someone standing beside my table reading the paper I was reviewing.  I asked myself, “Does staring and poking into other business’ make a significant impact in their life?”.

The question, above I think, is the most important thing we should ask every time we attempt to get involved into someone else’s life. Do we really need to know what our officemate is reading?  Do we really need to look at two couples cuddling each other? If the answer is no, then we should stop staring or meddling and go on with our own lives. Sometimes the reason our life is stuck in limbo  is because we are too busy interfering in other people’s lives.

What do I do when someone stares at me? I stare back. I stare back until he can no longer hold his stare. I do not do it because I tolerate staring. I do it because I want to let the other person know that I feel offended by what he did. And hopefully by doing so, he would not try staring at others again.

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