Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Colorful Men and Women of Science

I have  always been surrounded by men and women of science. I studied in science high school, took up Chemistry in college, and currently I work for an R&D institution.  “Science people” may appear nerdy and boring to some, but to me they are probably the most interesting and colorful people on earth. Why? Because of their innate curiosity for almost anything under and beyond the sun, they are also the ones who are most open to change and tolerate tons of useless information. The people of science is literally and figuratively of all colors.

Check out the colorful entries for this week’s challenge at Daily Post .

Credits to PCHRD for some of the pictures used in this entry.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Well, science is in itself colorful. Chemistry is so full of colors although the only one I am familiar with is the periodic table 🙂

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