Nine, Three and Counting

Earlier, I saw a new notification in my WordPress menu bar. When I clicked it, this greeted me:


Amazing. It’s been three (3) years since I  opened a blog in WordPress and effectively nine(9) years  since I started blogging. Those nine years were not a joke as  I have to constantly  pry my brain for ideas and memories which I can share. I can say that just like any hobby, blogging needs dedication and discipline for one to be able to sustain it.

I remembered several months ago when a co-worker asked me where I find the motivation to keep my blog updated.  I asked myself the same question and I realized I keep writing because I am insecure with the way I write. Some people started blogging because they are good writers already and they have a lot of great pieces to share. On the other hand, I started with no  talent and hardly and skill. Until now, I still cringe at some of my old posts because I feel they have poor composition and were too wordy. I also feel frustrated because while I have so many ideas, I have no talent in translating them into good and cohesive words. In fact, I sometimes feel envious when I tell someone to start blogging and they end up being so much better at the craft.

But why didn’t I stop? It’s because I want to improve.  While I am not a talented writer, I know my skills can get better through practice, time and experience. And true enough, over the years I discovered what topics and styles I am good at and that’s where I build up on.  I am also in better terms with myself because I  now recognize my limitations as a writer.

This brings me  now to a very similar question to the one my co-worker asked, “Will I ever stop writing?” I think the answer is NO. Because I am a constant work in progress, ten, fifteen or even twenty years of blogging is not very bleak.

Happy Birthday Thoughtful Paper and may you be a constant witness to the the improvements I make as as blogger!

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