Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Last week I was a bit worried because the Weekly Photo Challenge for 2012 has already ended. I wondered what challenge I should do this year so that my blog would be updated at least weekly. To my surprise, the photo challenge will continue until 2013, so HURRAY! For this week’s challenge, we were asked to post a picture which represent of our New Year’s resolutions or share a photo which represents something Id like to get better at in photography this year.  I am not much a “resolutions” person but more “bucket-list” person so I opted to do the second option.

This year… I’d like to improve my skills in photo composition.  My cam, being a digicam, has certain disadvantages when it comes to photography but that should not prevent from trying to deliver pictures with stunning composition, right? Here are some of my shots which I think I already note-worthy but could certainly benefit from better composition:

3858_10151224510963163_1938834288_n  598536_10151224504903163_1767739695_n


Rule of thirds, point of view, angling… I definitely want to improve on such aspects. With these pictures, I’ll keep in mind  the things I need to learn but likewise remind myself that despite the increase technicality, I should never lose the intent. 🙂

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