2012: Best Moments

I was deliberating if I am still going to write my traditional “good bye year ___” post because I already posted an entry about 2012. But since my earlier post was a photo challenge, I decided to write a more unique post for 2012. I call this my “best moments” post since I’m going to describe some of my favorite happenings in my life this year.

Tear-Cringing Moment: Watching my mom and youngest brother go up the stage

I am a proud daughter and sister. For a family that’s been though much up and downs, a simple step up the graduation stage is enough to drive me to do better for a lifetime.

Craziest Moment: Falling down from a raft while crossing a strong rapid in Davao River

For someone who is afraid of the water and who doesn’t know how to swim, I really have a strong gut. I was able to to paddle through the 14 kilometer stretch of Davao River and even fell in the strong rapids three times! But boy, that experience was so exhilarating and it will be definitely be in the “craziest things I’ve done” list  for a while.

Most Career-inspiring Moment: Listening to Balik-Scientist Dr. Divina Amalin deliver her exit lecture for her work in the Philippine cocoa industry

One of the perks of my work is I get to meet the top-notch doctors and scientists in the country. I have been blessed to be able to meet new people again this year but the one that left the most impression is Dr. Divina Amalin. Dr. Amalin is a US-based entomologist but she has worked in the Philippines for the past two years as a Balik-Scientist. During her exit lecture where she described her experiences in the county, I was very impressed because despite her short stay she was able to do so much. She’s been to the major islands in the country, was able to examine the major diseases affecting cocoa plants and likewise develop measures how to control the pest. What’s even more impressive was her work did not stop at the R&D level but she was able to translate it up to the community level so now farmers benefit from her work and collaboration with several local organizations. Through her work, Dr. Amalin showed me the difference of having a problem and being part of a solution to the problem. It’s good if we can recognize what’s wrong with a system but our work should never stop there. We should get involve and put our efforts, despite being small, so eventually we can part of the solution. 🙂

Most Breathtaking Moment:  View at the peak of Governor’s Island in Alaminos, Pangasinan

When I went to Hundred Islands earlier this year, I had to climb almost a hundred steps to be able to reach the viewing deck of Governor’s Island. It was a very tiring walk but it was worth it because the view at the top was simply amazing. I had a sneak peek of all the islands in the area, the white sand beaches and the clear blue sea. I remember telling myself, “What did we ever do to deserve this beautiful world?”.  I’ve been to several places this year but that moment remains to be the most poignant.

Most Amazing Late Night Out: Christmas Party After Party with my Division-mates

I and my division-mates in the office see each other five times a week but we rarely go out together. After almost a year, those who are in my age bracket (20-30’s) were finally able to bond after our Christmas Party. We spent hours just talking and talking about our work and lives and I found it so…freeing. Weird right? But it was indeed freeing because I think after that long talk everyone became more comfortable with each other. I learned a lot of things about my colleagues and was reminded the importance of respecting individual differences. Everyone has a place, everyone has role. We must remember that the world does not revolve around us. 🙂

There you have it! There are still a lot of moments which I want to describe but as always, words are  not enough to describe them all.  I wanted to do a lot of things earlier this year and thankfully I was able to do some and start some. I’ve been all over places and I am praying for a more proper direction for 2013 but so far, so good. There are still so many times when I still feel so lost, so this 2013 I hope I can work out what path I want to pursue.

Now, I bid farewell to 2012. For all the things that happened, I thank this year for showing me that despite some hindrances, if there is a will, there will  always be  indeed a way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “2012: Best Moments

  1. Dear Melai,
    Happy New Year! So happy that I’m part of that late night outing. I felt the same thing about that gathering. Although we were venting most of the time, I did have a blast. A great form of therapy, I guess. =)

    Also, thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog, one of the best moves that I did this year 🙂

    Je te remercie de ton amitié 😀


    • Oh golly. I only replied now. >_< Thank you as well! I hope we could have another night out like that. 😀 It was a great chance to know the other sides of all us.

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