Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

For this year’s last photo challenge, we are asked to choose pictures that best represent our year. One picture for every month is not enough for me. There are simply too many great things that happened to me this year so I decided to choose two pictures per months. Without further ado, here’s my 2012 in pictures:

I can say I’ve been really blessed this year. I’ve been everywhere from north to south of the country and there’s hardly any dull month. I didn’t encounter any major problems in both my personal and working life. But above all the places I’ve been to and happenings that I attended, I must say that it’s the people I’ve been with that made this year very memorable. I am very lucky to be blessed with a supportive family, stellar friends and great workmates. I can almost say, I couldn’t ask for more. That’s how great this year has been for me! So cheers to a great 2012 and to a hope that 2013 will be as stellar if not more stellar!

(Credits to Thomas Soler, Zen Ramos, Thea Cortes, and Astor Rejuso for some of the pictures.)

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