Off I Go to Davao Again

I’ll be running away from my chaotic working life for a few days.  Starting tomorrow until the weekend, I’ll be in Davao with some of my high school friends. We booked our tickets as early as March this year so this plan actually came first before my “official business travel” last October.

 I’ve mentioned in m previous Davao post that I was not so impressed by the city proper. Hopefully, this time around since I am officially on vacation, I also get to love it as much as  I love the other places in the Philippines I’ve been to.

 The trip last October was also a blessing in disguise because now I am in a better position to guide my friends around the city. In fact, I am more confident for this trip compared to when I planned our Pangasinan trip last May. I came up with this itinerary. It’s all over the place but I hope we can follow this.  We’re going to basically cover all the basics that one should see in Davao.

So, off I go, and I’ll tell you all about our adventures next week. Wish me luck! 🙂

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