(Food Trip) One of a Kind Pasta

On a random afternoon, after listening to the talk of Filipino historian Ambeth Ocampo, my best bud Nicole and I found ourselves very hungry. Our hunger brought us to Greenbelt II and ultimately to Ma Maison. Ma Maison is a Japanese-America fusion restaurant and true to its name, its interior is very interesting and eye-catching.

Too bad I only took few pics.

 I can’t comprehend which is the Japanese and American but the atmosphere of the restaurant was really very cozy. Too bad I only took a few pictures. I ordered a pasta while Nicole beef curry. I was expecting an ordinary plate of pasta so I was dumbfounded when this humongous and gorgeous plate was served in front of me:


The pasta was served in a sizzling plate, topped with the juicy hotdogs and lines with scrambled eggs! Yes, you read that right. What I thought to be melted cheese were in fact scrambled eggs. I never heard of such practice in why whole life but it was good experience trying it out. I remember posting this picture in my Twitter account and called it “one of the best pasta I’ve had in my whole life”.  Two months after, no other pasta has yet to top this on list.

I sort of hate myself for not taking a picture of the beef curry my friend ordered but Nicole said it is the best curry she tasted her in life. We both agreed that we definitely got what we paid for (at almost 400 bucks per meal) and we will definitely come back to Ma Maison to try more their Cuisines.

So, if you happen to be around Greenbelt, has money to spare, go to Ma Maison. You will definitely enjoy every bite!


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