Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I’m not feeling the theme this week. Uh ugh. I can’t think of something which I associate immediately with mine. I also try to avoid anything that is associated with “possessive” because that what I am already. In fact, my objective everyday is be less possessive, to learn the value of sharing and to be more patient when someone needs something which I think is mine–may that be an object or a living thing. In fact, in talking photographs, I try to avoid subjects which are too associated with me so that I would have lesser claim on it except for the photography alone.  But anyway , since the challenge requires it, I would just share what is probably the most superficial photo I’ve taken so far:

Random pile of stuff, right? (I’m way way organized in real life, BTW.) As you can see, my stuff are either in red, pink or anything in between.  At home or even in our office, red things are immediately associated with me. I literally breathe red. Hoho!

Have a nice week everyone!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. I almost didn’t post this week either for the exact same reasons. While there are things I like to keep to myself, I don’t like the word “mine” and everything that it implies. Still enjoying your photos 🙂

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