Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I have always admired living things that are capable of flying–birds, insects, bats. To me, they are a symbolic reminder of what it means to live a simple, free and uncomplicated life–of what a free spirit should be. I think it’s every man’s dream to  live with a free spirit. Who doesn’t want a life that is free of pressure?

I am no different. My mom often tells me that I’m too difficult to tame and I am highly opinionated.  I think this this has resulted partly of the way I was brought up. As a kid, my parents never meddled too much on how I handle things. I have also left home at such an young age so I was forced to decide for myself every time I faced a situation. At times when I asked my parents for an opinion, they didn’t tell me, “This is what you should do.” but instead they said, “What do you think you should do? It’s your life so decide on what you think will be best for you”.

I had often wished they meddled with life more often but then I realized I wouldn’t be so free-spirited than I am right now if they had been that way. I am and I am still convincing myself that I still have a free spirit. Yes, I feel pressured at times to succumb to fear and insecurities but thankfully I am still able to hold it on my own. I may not still be on the a level where I am fully satisfied of how my life is running but I can definitely say I am living on my own pace, on my own time, and on the way I want to live it. And I will continue do so  because I want and I have a free spirit.


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