Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


Sunday is usually a rest day for me so no extraordinary or scenic pictures for today. This morning while arrange my stuff, I realized I still have a lot of book which I haven’t read. Huhu. I will try my best to start reading them on my free time.

Books are my first love. Before I discovered the wonders of watching TV, of playing boardgames, and surfing the Internet, I was already a bookworm. I don’t discriminate according to genre. Whatever reading material comes across my sight, I grab it. Over the years, I think I already amassed two bookshelves-worth of books. For me, reading books are far better than watching movies or television shows because it lets me resort to my imagination on how the characters look like and how the scenes proceed. Book also allow me to be omniscient so I find it easier to empathize with the characters. =)

How about you? Do you have a book you particularly love?


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