Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused


I just came from a three-day trip so I am posting a bit late this week. Anyways, for this week’s challenge I chose this picture because my camera focused on the wrong object. I was trying to capture the islands in the picture but I ended up taking a shot of the boat. It’s still an interesting picture though. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

          • Oh … well there you go. the amazing thing about these photos is that they’re timeless. The memory of that moment will long outlive the half day you spent there. glad to see you had a good time. all the best. Cheers

            • Every time I travel a bit of me changes. I lean something about myself. I almost feel that regardless of how much beauty I take in if my perspective doesn’t change in some way the trip has been a failure. My last trip to Mexico taught me that the 12 hour day is not an aberration, but indeed the norm. I had felt bad for myself for working repeated 12 hour days. It was by traveling and realizing that only in the first world do we consider 12 hours long that I was able to come to terms with the work I do and the reality I face. I know it may sound silly but traveling always changes me and I feel I’m better for it. Cheers.

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