Another Year of Fruitful Blogging

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It’s my blog’s 2nd birthday! Hoooray! It’s amazing indeed how time so flies so fast. “Thoughtful Paper” just turned two and I couldn’t even be happier. Contrary to the age of my WordPress blog, I am actually a “old” blogger already. I started blogging in 2004 through the influence of my two good high school friends Nicole and Soleil. All in all, I have been blogging for about eight (8) years now. The funny thing is among the three of us, I am now the only one who maintains a blog.

My first site was hosted by Geocities. It went by the name of “A Dissected Integrated Circuit. Yeah. I am nerd. It was a manual blog, which means I had to upload a layout, edit the HTML coding every time I want to post and edit the codes too for the comment page, the tag board all other add ons. Wow. I actually did that before. Where did my HTML knowledge go?

In 2006, I transferred to LiveJournal and renamed my blog “Ceaselessly in Motion”. I had no laptop during my first two years in college so I found it hard to maintain a manual blog. I needed a site where I can just type what I want to post and then click the “Publish”. LJ served its purpose. It contained all my rants regarding my college life so I had to limit the audience of my blog.

In 2010, I became burnt out by my own style of blogging. I needed a change. I need a new outlet where I can post my thoughts that will enable me to grow up mentally. And so… “Thoughtful Paper” was born. When I started this blog, I made a resolution that even though I will not be able to post regularly, I will make sure that every post will count. I will do a double take before I publish something. I will ensure that people could pick a thing or two from what I will say and maybe create a small impact in their lives.

It’s been two years since then and they have been good blogging years. I am updating less and less but I am e happy with every post I made. This year, I joined the Photo-a-Week challenge just to ensure that my blog is updated weekly but the impact of the challenge went beyond that. It helped me rediscover my love for travel and photography and it allowed me meet a lot of people who like me also share a thing or two about their lives.

Cheers to more years of fruitful blogging!

6 thoughts on “Another Year of Fruitful Blogging

  1. Happy Birthday A Thoughtful Paper.

    Like you, my blog is actually my third blogsite (2nd with wp). WPC helped me reached out connections as well. I used to post 3 or 4 only a month, but I have already replace FB with blogging and now, been blogging 2 to 4 post a week.

    You have a really great blog. Keep it up!

    • Thank you for that wonderful comment! i hardly think if I have a good blog because I am not really a good writer but thank you for the compliment. 🙂

      I also noticed you listed me in your blog as a photography blog. Haha! My blog hardly counts as that. This is just my a personal blog. 🙂

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