Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hope. I was praying for that theme this week. For a family who’s facing death right now, all we need is hope. Hope that our loved one is finally at peace… Hope that the people she left will turn out fine… Hope that the pain she left will just go away… Hope that one day all us can smile just fine.

So here’s a candle for  you. Praying it inspires hope in you in the say way it inspires hope in me.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. I was hesitant to click the “Like” button due to your recent loss. But your submission to the challenge is a good one.
    Thank you for the prayer candle. It’s a special way of sharing your hope.
    We can never have too much hope or give up hope as it keeps us moving forward.
    Your loss is a deep one … never lose hope for the pain will go away … you must remember that those we love are never very far. Their memory is always there to give comfort to you. Keep their happiness alive for their lives will mean nothing if you linger in sadness and loss. They would never want that for you or your family.

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