(Review) Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

It’s been almost seven months since I had my hair dyed dark brown. Since I have my hair trimmed every other month, I can’t honestly expect my hair color to last for a year. I debated between two options: (1) grow out my black hair, or (2) have my hair dyed again. I went for the second option. My next dilemma was to have it done at a salon or I’ll do it on my own.

Having those dilemmas in mind, I chanced upon several Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring reviews. It’s not your usual “mix several cream and apply” type but it’s a “mix several solutions and apply bubble” type. YES. BUBBLES. All the reviews I’ve read said the product was great so I decided to try it out for myself.

Etude House Hair Bubble Coloring in Natural Brown.

I bought the #3 shade (Natural Brown). The box contained a cape, gloves, a bottle with a pump, and two sachets (one was the coloring solution, I guess, and the other was a conditioner treatment). There’s also an instruction leaflet but it was written in Korean so there was no use trying to understand. Thank the hair gods there were pictures included in the instructions.

Contents of the box.

So, how did I apply this thing on hair? After wearing the capes and the gloves, I poured the solution from one of the sachets to the solution in the pumping bottle, “swooshed” the bottle gently, then pumped bubbles from the bottle and applied it to my hair evenly. I left the bubbles in my hair for almost an hour then rinsed my hair afterwards.

My hair felt like a wet broom afterwards but after applying the conditioning treatment it went back to being silky. Yay! I blow dried afterwards and I was gobsmacked! My hair color was perfect—not too dark, not too loud! Here some photos as proof.


After. 🙂

Pardon the narcissism.

I feel bad for not taking pictures during the application process but hey! How am I supposed to take pictures with all the chemicals in my hand? So how do I rate this product? 10/10! Definitely worth my money.

What I love about it:

• Comes with a capes and a pair of gloves.

• Easy to apply.

• I felt no burning sensation in my scalp during the application process.

• Comes with an effective conditioning treatment.

• Affordable at PhP 395.00

What I don’t love about it : NONE!

The next time you want to have your dyed, you might want to try Etude’s Bubble Hair Coloring product.

9 thoughts on “(Review) Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

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    • It doesn’t disappear but since you hair grows your black hair will eventually show. In my case, I usually have a trim every 1.5 months so the colored hair gets cut.

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  3. HI! I was wondering how long you left the dye on your hair to achieve that color? – cause most of the time, I always follow instructions on the box and after I wash the dye of, I end up not seeing the expected results. Plus, people always tell me that you should never follow the time instruction on the box and that you should leave it for an hour or two instead of 30-40 minutes.

    • I just left the solution on my hair for about an hour. My hair is short and thin so I guess it didn’t take that long to have that effect. I’ve read somewhere that dark hair reacts differently to coloring. Some may not reflect color change so much. Thankfully my hair is friends with hair treatments. 🙂 Hope you get better results next time. 🙂

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