There’s Reprieve in Going Back

Oh noes! I cheated on my Post a Week 2011 challenge! I’ve been quite buay the past two weeks that I barely managed to think about other things apart from life’s basic necessities of eating and sleeping. I was literally all over the Luzon the past two weeks.

I managed to squeeze in a six-day vacation in my schedule. I was in Iriga City from October 28 to November 2, 2011. However, I can hardly call that a vacation since our house was in chaos for that entire period due to the All Souls’ happenings. My family lives in the ancestral house so during long vacations, our relatives literally camp in our house. It’s fun having the entire family in the house but the household chores associated with feeding and entertaining ~20 people can be nerve-wracking.

In my so-so hours, I managed to do some nature encounters. LOL. I love taking pictures of things I find fascinating. Look at some of my discoveries. I also took pictures of the sky since I rarely see this kind of blue in the skies of Metro Manila.

Black termites. Have you seen one?

Fantastic Bicol skyline.

Pretty, aren’t they? Sadly, I had to get Back to Manila on November 2 because I had an important meeting on the following day…which means, I was not in Bicol for my dad’s death anniversary. It’s been seven years now. I used to be very sensitive about his death but nowadays, the pain his death brought is just a memory in passing. As I’ve said in previous post, people grow, pain subsides.

I’m glad I was able to go back to Iriga City even for just a short while. It felt I was in a totally different reality—the laidback lifestyle, the native food, the clean air. I was able explore the city proper and I realized there have been so many changes in the places I once knew. Funny. I always feel like a stranger in my own hometown. It’s probably because I only stayed there until I was 11.

Reprieve. It was so good to be back.

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