Affirmation vs. Tinkering

A phrase I’ve read from Francis Kong’s Three Little Words on Life, On Love, On Laughs recently made me think a lot. Here’s the phrase:

 “Positive affirmation is not enough. There’s should also be positive tinkering”.

How does affirmation differ from tinkering? Affirmation is the mindset, tinkering is the action. I’ve read so many self-help and inspirational books and they’d always point out how positive affirmation can change the outlook of a person. However, I seldom encounter book which focuses not only on the person’s mindset but also on his actions. Thankfully, Kong’s simple phrase made me realize how some of us don’t fully achieve the personal stability a positive attitude can give us because we stop at thinking. We forget about the action part.

 These past weeks I’ve been in limbo precisely because of this reason. I’m so good at affirmations but I suck at tinkering.  I write a list of things I should, but I end up not doing them because of so many excuses. I want to try different food but I end up not doing so because I am afraid of how they might taste. I want to save more money but I can’t because I am an impulsive buyer. See my point? I’m so good at thinking and deciding what I want to do but I actually don’t have the courage to take a step forward at realizing such thoughts. I remain in limbo because I choose to sulk and just wait for things to happen.

 So what have I learned from my recent bout of self-realization?

  1. Our actions are the product of our thoughts. However, it doesn’t follow the formula action = thoughts. Instead, it follows this: thoughts + decision-making = actions. There is always the critical ‘decision-making’. This will dictate the direction of our life which is either up or down. If we can’t make a decision, then we will find ourselves in the most unwanted situation: limbo.
  2.  Sulking aka bitterness is for the weak and the undecided. Oh yes, we can sulk every once in a while. We can blame the world for our miseries every now and them. BUT… we can’t stay in that phase for very long or else we remain in limbo again. While I acknowledge that there are circumstances in life we can’t control, how our  life will proceed is still largely dependent on our actions. We live for the world. It’s not the other way around.

What to do? Set our minds on our goals. Pool our energy. Translate our thoughts into actions. Try and try until we succeed but in the process we shouldn’t lose patience, and more importantly ourselves.

In parting, I’m sharing this quote:

Cheers to productive life! 🙂

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