Share a Photo: Until We Meet Again!

(Credits to khuntorialurve @ tumblr)


To my one and only OTP, I will surely miss you. Saturdays will not be the same without you. Thank you for all the  cringe worthy moments, smiles, laughs and most of all…love. I am praying that in the future I will just be surprised that you two are together again. =)

After exchanging our last good byes and crying,
After hugging each other for the last time,
As we exchanged regrets and apologies,
We wiped each others’ tears away

After time passes and feelings fade away,
We told each other to meet again as friends
And be by each other’s side
And with those finals words and a hug, we parted

Because the sun is so bright and warm
My tears dried, a lot faster than I thought
At first I thought I would die, I really couldn’t breathe
But the sun was so bright…
That it made it all right.

-Afternoon Separation (JYP ft. Sun Ye)

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