The Vague and the Unspeakable

I hate talking about it because it’s the inevitable. It’s man’s ultimate destination. I’ve seen and felt it six times but still don’t fully understand how it fully works. Maybe, I will never understand it… unless it actually happens to me. But then again, there is no use for that happen since I will have no way of communicating with world of the living.

Vague, isn’t it? Yes. It is supposed to be vague and you will never get me unless you’ve seen it yourself. You don’t know it if it is going to be sudden or slow. Sudden can be so shocking. Slow can be so excruciating. Either way, it’s bound to be very painful. How you will come in terms with it is entirely a different issue. It will depend on how forgiving and prepared you are.

You can probably get by now what I am talking about. The next questions is, why be like this? Because I hate the feeling of waiting and knowing that you can’t do anything… that at the end of the day it all boils down to acceptance. I respect people who can readily accept. It means they already have that maturity to understand how life really works.

I had a very hard time accepting the first time… and sadly, after six times, I still don’t have the maturity needed to deal with the vague and the unspeakable.

It will trickle until it is no more.

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