Guilty of Hoarding!

Gah. I’ve been thinking lately where all money goes since that I am not the type who buys pricey stuff. I looked around my room and realized I have tons of stuff which I don’t really need at all. Conclusion: I am no different from a person who spends his money on designer stuff. I may prefer mid-priced things but since I keep buying them in quantities, I end up making myself poor.

Remedy: Enough of the hoarding and impulsive buying. I’ve known since college I exhibit symptoms of mild hoarding but I somehow I never bothered to fix this problem. Now, I am facing the problem of where to put my shoes, clothes, magazines, books, DVDs, bags and lately cosmetics, make-up and accessories. Yes. I “hoard” all of these stuff. >_> Can anyone cure me?

On the brighter side, I am not messy hoarder. I am in fact an OC hoarder. All my books are properly covered and arranged according to size. My magazines are arranged by issue date. My clothes are arranged by color. My shoes are placed in their respective boxes. My DVD’s all have cases and arranged according to genre. So what the hell is my problem? Though I may be an OC, nothing changes the fact the fact I am a hoarder. Bow.

(Credits to rofldoctor @ tubmlr)

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