First Week of June: From Korea to America

The first seven days of June is already over and guess what? I am having a blast! And it seems the blast will not stop there. I bet there is more to come!

One my penchant in life is Korea: movies, government, economy, dramas, music.. Name it. I have a particular bias for YG Family so when I learned that 2NE1 is coming to the Philippines, I and some friends immediately grabbed tickets for the concert.

The Party

The “mini” concert finally took place last Saturday, June 4. I had one hell of a time! It was first time attending a Kpop concert and it was also my first time at the Big Dome. LOL.

I was definitely insane while they were singing.

2NE1 is great at performing live. They only sang eight songs but it was enough for me to feel how contagious their energy is as performers. They also sang Lonely and Clap Your Hands, so I am partially satisfied already. I am definitely hoping they will come back to the Philippines for a full-fledged concert.

This was meant to be a sea of lights. LOL.

One of the things I realized while the attending the concert, “I can get used to this.” You see, I am closet Korean drama/movie/music addict. Maybe I can start coming out? But you won’t definably see me donning any Korean inspired get up or fan items. I was also amazed by the support that Filipino Blackjacks showed for 2NE1. At one point in the concert, the feeling was very surreal. I can clearly remember the rainbow sea of lights.

Concert buddies.

Jumping to other happenings in June… one of my closest buddies, Soleil, came home from the US for a short vacation here in the Philippines. So what does this mean? Reunions and gatherings! Yesterday, she flew to Manila from Bicol and we had a dinner date with some of our high school friends at Max’s Megamall.

Welcome home Soleil!

Longtime buddies.

Moments with friends are priceless! Can’t wait for our batch’s 10th year celebration this Sunday!

Bunch of dorks. 😀

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