An Idiot’s Thoughts

1. I have a meeting. The sun is so high. Thank God the aircon in office’s transport service is on full blast. I am in C5 Ortigas. The traffic is bad again. This is one of things I hate about Manila. Suddenly someone knocks at my window. The person is a blind man. Should I give money?  But why is there a person behind him? That person can see. Why is he using the blind man? Can’t he find a decent job? Why is it always about the strong and the weak? The rich and the poor?

2. It’s almost 8 PM. I should go home. There is no use bumming in the office at this hour. I have to pass Bicutan market again. It is such a messy place   love to cross the overpass. It’s high and I can almost see anything. I love the lights. I love seeing the car pass. I love seeing people walk and walk and walk. Vendors start sprouting. Life here is the very opposite of life in Bicol. Here, people start sprouting at night-time. Maybe because there are no more police officers roaming around. In Bicol, people retire early. At night-time, you’ll hear nothing but the sounds of crickets, or owls, if you are luckier. Contrast. I love the contrast.

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