(Review) Park Bom – Don’t Cry

(credits to YG Entertainment for the picture)

Park Bom’s new single has been out for a while and I decided to do a review.  First thing that came to my mind when YG announced that Bom will jumpstart the comeback of 2NE1 was “Why her?”, when CL and Minzy are more versatile vocally. But then I remembered that of the three singles released last year, Bom’s You and I was the most succesful. So I don’t know if it’s a matter of potential commercial success or seniority since we all know Bom is the oldest member of 2nE1.

I listened to the song before watching the MV because sometimes MVs have a different effect on my appreciation for or a song. Production wise, the song is very clean. It has a gorgeous piano introduction and loop. I also love the subtlety in the refrain part and how it builds the chorus.  The music for the  refrain and the bridge has also been produced perfectly for Bom’s voice and range since I am aware that she is not really capable of holding a falsetto because her voice is very powerful.

  I’ve never been a fan of the humongous instruments that YG seems to put in its songs, but I can forgive them this time since I like the song in general.  Had Teddy stuck to the piano alone, the song would have been very subtle. The snares added some umpf and makes it more lively and danceable. I also hope YG  could experiment with Bom and also Minzy with the likes of Taeyang’s material. I think it would suit them well.

Vocally, Bom is very capable of holding a song on her own.  I also think her ability as a singer can be better appreciated in Don’t Cry rather  in You and I. I like both songs but as I have mentioned before I prefer her singing in her lower range. In You and I, you can hear her difficulty in breathing  even in the recorded version and it seems her range have been stretched out. One thing I love about Bom’s voice is its color and power, and I think it has been clearly showcased in this song, though not to the level of We Belong Together.  This is also one of the few times that they actually considered making her sing in falsetto. You can here it for a few seconds in the refrain and I like it. She needs to develop her technique on that aspect.

Talking about the MV is a different issue. Visually, it’s an eye candy and of high quality, as expected of YG. I like it but   I don’t love it as much as I’d love the video of You and I.  My impression of the story line  was o.O  LOL. On the otherhand, Bom looked like a doll and her eyes looked so weird. Anybody who noticed that? Anyway, I won’t expound since I might irk myself and other people.

Overall, I’d rate the song a 4.5/5. If it weren’t for the annoying snares, I’d it give it a perfect 5.  Haaaaay. I can’t help but be YG-biased, material wise, management wise, etc.  One thing  I like about YG producers is they produce a song specific for the capability of its singer. Big Bang members are capable of writing their songs sotheir songs are already crafted to their capabilities as singers and rappers. 2NE1 is not yet capable of writing and producing on their own so I am so thankful that they have producers who give them decent material.

2ne1 is recognized already as a performer. I hope in the future they also learn to produce songs on their own so they can also more earn recognition as not just idols but also as full-fledged artists.

4 thoughts on “(Review) Park Bom – Don’t Cry

  1. I think this review is quite good. I think Minzy and CL has the strongest voice and it’s really good! But personally I ❤ Bommies voice best and IDK why. Bommie has a really really unique voice, a voice you can't really find in Korea! And I agree with you that if Bommie needs to develop a teeny bit in her singing and she will become the best of the best…

    • Thank you for your kind comment and your liking my review. Sadly, I think Bom is already beyond the age where she still can fully maximize whatever vocal lessons she is still having. I love her voice during her “We Belong Together” days. Her timbre hardly changed over the years but I think she did a better job of controlling her voice back them. Still, I love her no less because she is really unique. 🙂

  2. It was kind of jerky to question why Bom got the solo over the other girls. Bom’s song did do the best of the songs last time between the girls, she’s very popular, and she her style of song is generally better received in Korea. You also could have done more with describing the mv. What you thought it meant in comparison to the lyrics, fashion in the video etc. Not a good review

    • When I asked myself that question, it was not our of a negative not but more of curiosity because at that time neither Minji nor CL had their solo song yet. If you notice, I recognized Bom’s commercial success and I even like Don’t Cry. In fact, I liked it much more than You and I. I am sorry if you didn’t love my review, but as they say, we are also entitled to our own opinions and thus we should respect each other’s opinion. With regards to the MV, I often not chose to comment that to comments much about the MV in my song reviews because after all it’s the song I am reviewing. Thanks for dropping by.

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