Should I Open a Travel Agency?


Lol. What a title. My whole day passed like a whirlwind. I probably contacted several resorts and hotels and also looked at the outskirts of the Internet to search for transportation services. You see… effective today, I’m already a travel agent.

Nah. Just kiddin. I was assigned to be one of  lead in organizing our office’s teambuilding and it’s not a joke. >_> I already organized a strategic planning before in Tagaytay and I almost died. I promised myself that I’d never do that again but look here I am trying to killl myself again. I have no issues with trying to find a venue as long as there’s still enough time. Our teambuilding is scheduled on May 5-6, so good to luck to me on finding a decent place for 50-60 people.

I and some of my high school friends are also planning a trip this May. While finding a hotel or resort was easy, transportation was totally a different story. Thankfully, my researching skills didn’t fail me and now I’m trying to haggle with a travel agency for car rental services. 😀

Oh well. Good luck to me and to my travel arrangement activities. I hope everything will turn out well.

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