Etude Splurge


Stop if you can’t handle make-up talk!

I passed by SM Bicutan today and I happy to know that there’s already a branch of Etude House there. I’ve been wanting try their product line for a quite sometime now but SM Megamall is not my usual route so I haven’t tried any Etude product yet.



Anyway, Etude SM Bicutan just opened last Thursday and look at what I bought earlier! LOL. Talk about splurging: concealer and lipstick. My purchase was worth more than Php 500, so I got a free membership card and make-up remover. Not bad for a first purchase. The design of their product is so girly… pink and stuff. As much as I love make-up, shoes, bags and clothes, I an not really into things that are outright girly. LOL.


My purchases + free membership card and make-up remover


My make-up kit keeps getting crowded! Look!


Growing family. 🙂

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