Day 12: All in a Day

Challenge for Day 12: Bullet my whole day.

Since the day is not finished yet, I’ll just bullet my activities yesterday.

1:00 AM – Sleep. Oh yeah.  I’ll count this as Sunday. LOL.

7: 30 AM – Wake up

8:00 AM – Wash up; Breakfast; Clean my room.

8:30 AM – Iron/fold my clean clothes; Clean my cabinet ; Rearaange clothes

11:30 AM – lunch

12:00 NN –  Internet time

1:30 PM  – Nap

4:oo PM – Attend mass

6:00 PM – Rosary; Transferred the image of our Lady of Fatima to neighbor’s hourse

7:00 – Dinner

7:30 – TV Time

9:00 – Pick clothes for Monday; Arrange my stuff in my bag

9:30 – Wash up

10:00 – Read/Internet time

12:00 MN – Sleep.

Boring day. Heh? Sunday is basically me rest/bum day. 🙂


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