Day 08: Satisfaction in Life

Challenge for Day 08: A moment when I felt the most satisfied with my life.

That would be on April 7, 2009. I clearly remeber it was a Holy Tuesday. My thesismates and I were probably the only people left in our batch doing our thesis. It was barely two weeks before our graduation. After several weeks of doing PAGE, we finally obtained a good result.  The moment I saw the bands developing, I  knew we hit the jackpot. I know those bands were my ticket to graduation.

Why did I choose this moment? Because it was a time when my surroudings were so full negativity but I held on hard to my faith. It was also a do or die situation. Unlike other situations where you have an idea if circumstances can favor you, that time was very different. It was an obvious 50-50 chance.

People around me were already telling that if ever I fail, I can still work during the summer. But I told myself, I did not have the leisure of failing. I was determined to try my hardest at all cost.  It paid off.

I can clearly remember the satisfaction I felt during that time. It was more gratifying than bowing on stage during my graduation day or passing the board exam. The moment I held to on that PAGE result, I knew everything will fall into their respective places.

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