Day 06: 30 Interesting Facts

Challenge for Day 06: Write 30 interesting facts about myself.

I’ve already done this before in FB, so I’ll just repost and add some. Enjoy! 🙂

1. I have watched more than 70 korean series and more than 100 anime shows.
2. I don’t eat squid, clams, oysters, and almost anything related to their kind.
3. I never ate isaw while I was still an undergrad student in UP.
4. I can finish a 300-page novel in four hours.
5. I never use highlighters on my books. Never had, never will.
6. I own at least 20 pairs of footwear. >_<
7. I am still growing vertically contrary to my prayers. Last year, I still grew by a centimeter.
8. I only drink one kind of fruit shake: mango.
9. I’ve been blogging for almost six years already.
10. I have no problem lifting a bottle of water for a dispenser or rolling an LPG tank across a staircase.
11. Number one is my destination list is South Korea. Second is Venus. Wishful thinking.
12. As a form of mental exercise, I recite the scientific names of veggies I see in the market.
13. I use either a nine-pound or ten-pound ball in bowling.
14. It takes 10 years for me to get moved by a drama or a horror movie.
15. I read the nutrition facts and ingredients of every packaged food I eat and the chemicals in every product I buy and use.
16. I know how to kill and dress a chicken.
17. The best place to think: the farthest end of a jeepney.
18. I want a masters degree in project management, meteorology, and biochemistry.
19. I’ve never set foot in an airport.
20. I don’t know how to play Chinese garter and I never attempted to even play it.
21. I never knew how to play card games until college when I was taught how to play pusoy dos, tong its, bluff, etc. in one sitting.
22. I hate Tweety.
23. I don’t like keeping a trash can in my room.
24. I have never spent more than P2,000.00 for myself.

25. I like the smell of gasoline, antique objects, markers, etc. Name it.

26. I have a habit of memorizing the sound of the footsteps of the people I know.

27. I never go out without a wristwatch.

28.  I hate pies. Any kind. All of them.

29.  I prefer black and white pictures over colored ones.

30.  I rarely watch local channels.

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