Challenge for Day 01: Single Life

Day 01: Describe your current relationship, if single desribe how single life is.

For me, being single is a chance to do everything I want to do while I still can. I don’t know where my life is headed to, so while I still have the chance to decide for myself without being burdened by the issues of boyfriend, husband, or kids, I’ll live my life the way I want it to be.

Having friends who are already married or have kids, I can’t help but think sometimes whether I’m already behind the race. But then I realized, I am still young and everyone has their own pace. Whatever happens to us, whether it’s something that we expected or not, how we deal with it lies in our hands.

Do I love my life right now?  Yes, because I have full control of what to do with it. I can watch all shows I want to watch, read all the books I want to read, eat at the time I want to, travel whenever I want to, etc. Basically, I can do things without having to consider there is a person waiting for me or needing my attention.

Do I love my life right now? No, because though I have full control of what to do it, I also need to think how my decisions will affect my loved ones. In the end, though I have freedom, I need to be responsible of how I handle that freedom so that it will not only benefit but also other people. There’s fun in doing things my way, but there’s  also a tiny spot in me that wonders how it would feel doing something for another person.

Conflicting, right? Well, that’s what life is about. If you aren’t on one side, then you must be on the other side.

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