Korea is my Blackhole

My poor blog.  I’ll try not too abandon you too much. Life is pretty busy but my activities are boring so there’s nothing much to share. Hmm.. Might as well share the shows who are occupying a quarter of my life:

1. We Got Married

I’ve been following this show for years now but sometimes I don’t like the couples they feature so the show gets buried in my subconcious. Last time I checked the show constantly was during the start of the Adam (Jo Kwon-Ga In couple). They were so funny but I eventually got tired of their antics that I’d totally stopped watching their parts. But now… now… I found a new reason to watch the show. Nickhuna and Victoria! I am neither a fan of 2 PM nor f(x) so I weren’t that curious about them at first but when I decided to watch an episode, I’m instantly hooked. It’s been 16 episodes and is still getting better. Ah. ❤

2. Sunkyunkwan Scandal

I try to step away from saeguk Korean dramas because they are usually long and I puke the uber formal manner speaking but this show totally changed my perspective. I’m officially on the boat. It’s like Hana Kimi of the past only with a deeper storyline and excellent choice of cast.  Who doesn’t love Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki in real life)  and Jae  In (Yoo Ah In) aka Guh RO. LOL. They are not even the leads.  I am still feeling Sunjoon (Micky Yoochun) and Yoon Hee (Park Min Young). I’ll get to that.

3. My Girlfiend is a Gumiho

This romcom had a good start but I eventually got bored because the conflict was very simple and the show revolved on that for 16 episodes! Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi were adorable in their roles but I couldn’t take the cuteness. There was too much of it. Too bad cuteness is not on my vocabulary. Hong Sisters are always good at making puns, in this case, gumiho. If you want a show with a light story, watch this. BUT BUT.. If you are related to me, look something with more angst.

6. The Revolt of the Gumiho

Oh yeah. I watch show with Gumiho in their titles. This is entirely a different show from the previous one. Can I call this a saeguk drama? Yes. Typical storyline from a show that would involve a gumiho but visuals and music are above average. Fresh acting from Han Eun Jung. Her role here is totally a different from what she has tackled so far.

7. Baker King

I just started watching this and from what I’ve heard this show was a megahit in Korea. I can  understand why–family drama, earnest story, excellent acting of some of the leads.   I just don’t know if I can finish this all the way because there’s more than 30 episodes. The plot can be two twisted and dramatic at times. What  makes the show enduring for me is the earnest acting from the lead.

8. Playful Kiss

How are they supposed to chug the whole story in 16 episodes? Good luck. I wish they can pull of a miracle at the end of the show. Kim Hyun Joong definitely improved. He has good chemistry with Jung So Min. I can’t help but feel frustrated knowing that the story will be cut somehow. 😦

There you go. How do I live my life? I don’t know either. Hahaha. Somehow these shows keep me sane. Hmm. This gives me an idea. I should do a quick recap page of all the Korean dramas I’ve watched. And there’s 60++ of them. *evil laugh*

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