A Post that Reflects the Title

Blogging is starting to bore me already.  Same goes with Facebook. Maybe because there is Twitter where I can update almost every second? Anyway, it’s been a month since I last updated. I can hardly call my schedule as normal. Who has a normal schedule? Raise your hand.

I reverted back to my old layout. The black one was stressing me. Random. I am so random right now. This because I had three meetings today and my only way to dispel stress is to blabber about random things.

September 9. Come fast. I want a new 2NE1 Album. Oh and also a new Korean Big Bang album.

I’ve been a shopaholic lately but I still feel I have  no clothes to wear. Same goes for my footwear. I’m being materialistic again. Erase. Erase.

Bicol. I must see you. When? I don’t know. When I have the time. And the  money. And the courage not to return back to Manila the moment I realize that every problem I have right now have to do with what’s in Bicol. But then again, there’s also my salvation.

Salvation? I need you. Find me.

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