Patterns. What are they? How do we deal with them? They come in aspects and shaped. They can be in the form of designs, models, forms, practices, etc.

Our very basic unit of heredity follows a double-helix pattern. Without that pattern, mutations that can lead to disastrous results can happen. The earth follows a pattern: its orbit. Imagine what will happen if the earth goes out of its orbit? The same kind of thinking can be applied to birds that follow flight patterns, to ants that follow the scent of the pheromones laid out by their queen, and to factories that must follow standard procedures to come up the products of the best quality.

It seems that no matter how complex life is, every single process boils down to a pattern. Does this we mean we must be confined to these patterns to be able to say we lead a righteous life?  I think not but in most cases that what’s happening because we are afraid to get out of our comfort zones. Our day to day living, work, school… these are all patterns. We tend to get too comfortable in our current status especially when we are materially satisfied. When we are in such state, we should be asking ourselves, “Is this all what I can do?”.

Good question right? I think all of us must reflect on that. This kind of thinking is coming out of my mind because recently I discovered that I have been too stagnant. A new environment made me realize I can be an athlete, an architect, a graphic illustrator, a dancer, and even a swimmer, if I choose to. We can go out of our usual patterns, if we choose to. All it takes are will and strong belief in oneself.

Every once in awhile, diverging from usual routines is necessary. Trust me. It’s all worth it. 🙂

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