The Gift of Life


As one grows older, one will slowly realize that true happiness cannot be experienced from material things but from the smiles and love of people you care for. One digit doesn’t really make a big difference but a year of experience can have significant effects in the perspective of a person.

20 has been an age of transition, patience and choices for me. Having a job tempts me to buy things for myself. At first, I was like that. I had an excuse: I need to invest in clothes, bag and shoes. Until now, I still must invest but that wanting isn’t so strong now. It’s because I have started to realize that there a lot of matters that needs more priority. Some friends tell me spending for myself is okay but I just can’t concede to the possibility of me basking on my money when the rest of family is crumbling into dust. Despite being a family person, my whole life has been largely about myself. I guess this is the proper time that it starts being about them. The ‘me’ will come again… in time.

Somebody asked me what’s my gift for myself. I said none. And I will stand by that reply. Rather than spending for myself, I want to share my blessings with the people I love and care for. The smiles, the appreciation and the thoughts of remembering the blessing of life are what makes me happy.

This post is a day too early but I meant it that way, so that when I wake up in the morning I already have my purpose in mind.

To my Creator, thank you very much for the gift of life. Above everything else, being able to breathe is still the greatest blessing of all.

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