Career Woes

I like (yeah not exactly love) my work right now. I also love my officemates. What I love about my work right now is I get a glimpse of myself working outside of a lab. I also get to meet a lot of amazing people and attend mind-cracking meetings. Most of all, I am working for a council that monitors the health researches in the country, so I am able to give back something to the Filipino people whom I owed my education for 11 years.

Despite enjoying my work, I am beginning to miss the lab. I never thought I’d say this in my entire life for Chemistry was never my calling. I guess perspective do change. I really miss AAS, UV-Vis and all the instruments I have worked on. I told myself that I should be back in a lab within one year. BUT… If I do that, then that means I will not be in PCHRD. Oh life what a conflict. I want to know what things are waiting for me in PCHRD but I also feel that the more I stay, the more will lab skills slip away. Yeah that’s how I feel right now. I am a chemist by name but not by practice. I guess I have to decide soon what path I should take. If not, then I’d only be wasting time.

And because I miss the lab, I’m posting some pictures of lab days when I was still an undergrad student.

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