Pardon my Vanity

I plan to upload a new theme. It’s a lot more complicated that I thought. Will explore that later. For now, I’m stuck with what WordPress has to offer. Anyway, onto my entry…

PCHRD will be celebrating its 28th anniversary this Friday. And just as I expected, there’s going to be a social event in the evening.  So, we, the staff are required to glam up a bit. I don’t usually put on a lot of make-up during ordinary office days because it would me make stand out in an office full of people who don’t bother with their get up anymore. But since Friday is a social event, I have a valid reason! Haha! And so… I was tinkering with my make up kit earlier and voila! I’m really sorry that I have to post this, but I am just so proud myself. 🙂

First pic: That’s how I usually look when I go to the office. The last three pics are the products my experiment this morning. Too bad I don’t have a decent cam. I look paler in the pictures.

So there! Hahaha! I finally have the courage to share this and say that I love dolling up! 😛 Hmm… I need to buy a lispstick of a darker shade, a liquid eyeliner and a black mascara. So much for vanity. 😛

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