Them… Banks.

I don’t have anything to do at work (literally) so I decided to write this just to kill time.

For the past five years, I’ve had several bank accounts. I’ve transferred from several banks from PNB to BDO to BPI. I think this is inevitable because my lifeline is deposited ehr… in bank accounts. Anyway, I’ll make some quick (hopefully) of my experiences with these banks.

I opened my first passbook account with PNB when I was 12. Actually my dad opened it for me but I don’t know what happened to that account since I never really deposited money on it. I opened my second PNB ATM savings account when I was 15, before I entered UP. I had no problems with PNB. Haha! This is mainly because all I did was withdraw money. My mom was the one who goes to the bank to deposit. She has no difficulties transacting with PNB because we enjoy the privileges of my dad being the manager for internal transactions. Even after my dad died, we still enjoyed the same privileges. One disadvantage of PNB is that they don’t have ATM in public areas like malls. So, I usually pay for interbank charges because I withdrew a lot in malls. I also had to change my bank account twice because they were so strict with the maintaining balance and the minimum balance was pretty high at PhP 5k. How was I supposed to meet that when my monthly allowance was just to equal to that amount. When I was in my senior year, I had to open a BDO Cash Card for my part-time job. Just inquiring about BDO Cash Card in BDO SM North Edsa was a pain in the ass. So I decided i’ll just open one when I get home in Iriga. BDO in Iriga was super efficient and people were super polite. I wonder why BDO here in Manila can’t be like that. I had my second fallout with BDO when I tried opening a savings account just last November at the SM Bicutan branch. SOP- they require two valid ID’s. I presented them with my DOST ID, BIR ID and NBI Clearance. They asked me if I was already a permanent employee. I said no and they replied that they wouldn’t honor my DOST ID since I’m still a contractual. So, I can’t open an account because I would have only one valid ID. Whaat? I still had my NBI clearance and to think I had my ICP ID,my police and barangay clearance. It was till no. And I was able to open one, they couldn’t even guarantee that I can deposit check. Well. To hell with them. Does being a contractual employee mean that I can’t maintain by account? Hello no. I withdrew all my money from my BDO Cash Card and decided to transfer all of them to BPI.

Now BPI. I must say transacting with BPI is a breeze. I have three accounts there: a savings account, a BPI Direct Save UP account and BPI Express Cash. Don’t ask why there’s three. I, my job, and my sideline jobs. 😛 I have no problem transferring money among the three accounts courtesy of BPI online banking. Depositing money is also no problem since I can do it directly over the ATM Machine. This also means I can deposit any time of the day. Maintaining balance is only 1k and 3k to earn interest. Hay. I loved BPI the day they honored my IDs without question. The ATM card also doubles as a debit card so I don’t have to carry money all the time. The card also be used out of the country in any Cirrus-affiliated ATM machines.

I guess the clear winner of the three banks is BPI. Hah. I’m sure I won’t cause a big dent to BPO since they are already at the top of the Philippines’ banking world. I guess being at the top does not necessarily mean you have the best employees. I’m sorry if for now I find BPI more efficient.. plus they have super kind and polite people.

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